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An estate comprises the net worth of an individual taking into account their assets and liabilities. When a person dies, their estate must be administered in accordance with the laws of the state in which they die. There are two types of estate administration processes depending on whether or not the person left a valid legal Will covering all their assets.


It is the responsibility of the Executor appointed in the Will to obtain a Grant of Probate from the Supreme Court, then to collect all the Estate assets, pay all the Estate debts and to distribute the balance of the Estate according to the wishes of the deceased as set out in the Will. This is a complex and bureaucratic process that must be conducted in accordance with the laws of the state. Lightning Legal will take this burden off Executors by arranging all the court forms and Estate administration processes. Let us exercise our knowledge and experience in this area while you care for your loved ones.

Letters of Administration

If you have a relative who has died without leaving a valid Will covering all of their assets, the deceased's next of kin will need to apply to the Supreme Court for a Grant of Letters of Administration. Solicitors at Lightning Legal have experience navigating this costly and time consuming process and can simplify matters for you allowing you the time you need to grieve and be with your family.

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Caring administration of deceased estates.

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