Every adult should have a legally valid Will...

and it should be up to date.

This is especially important if you work, own property, or have loved ones that you would like to ensure are looked after and provided for if you are no longer with us.

A Will allows you to determine what happens after you die. This can include:

  • Who you leave specific gifts or bequests to;

  • Who will inherit the remainder of your estate;

  • Wishes for your funeral and your burial or cremation;

  • Who will finalise your affairs; and

  • Who will care for your children and dependants.

If you die intestate or without a valid Will covering all of your assets, your property will be divided according to law without any say from you or your family.

This makes a difficult time even harder for your family causing uncertainty, more complexity and increased costs and government fees and charges in administering your estate. This justifies the cost of making a will with a solicitor.

Lightning Legal make the process simple, easy and affordable for you to have a professionally drafted, valid and legally binding Will drawn up by an experienced Solicitor who cares about you and your family's future.

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